Plain packs – the facts versus the myths Reply

Plain, standardised tobacco packaging removes a major positive influence on smoking – the ability of tobacco companies to promote the glitzy brand image they want to use hook new smokers and hold on to current smokers.

Recognising that plain packs will impact on their vast profits, tobacco companies have waged a campaign to undermine the vital heath measure to prevent young people becoming smokers, and have enlisted the support of retailers by using their misinformation tactics.

Here are some of the falsehoods about plain packs disseminated by Big Tobacco and those who parrot their misinformation – and the hard evidence that stubs out the claims…


Getting ready for tobacco display ban in small shops Reply

They call it “going dark” – an appropriately sinister-sounding term for anything connected to the sale of an addictive, killer product such as tobacco.

But the industry term actually refers to something that the health promotion community sees as a bright prospect – putting glitzy displays of cigarettes out of sight.

Starting in April, the tobacco display ban that already applies in supermarkets will extend to corner shops and other smaller stores.

Electronic cigarettes consultation – our views 16

The Scottish Government is planning a new Public Health Bill that will include measures to reduce the attractiveness and availability of tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

The Bill will be informed by responses to the Consultation on Electronic Cigarettes and Strengthening Tobacco Control, which ended on 2 January.

Like many others in the health community, we’ve made our submission to the consultation, outlining our views on a list of potential measures to help Scotland’s goal of achieving a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

How we deal with the growing and changing landscape of electronic cigarette use is one of the key issues. More…