The right to smoke, to buy an electric golf cart and to own a hostess trolley Reply

ASH Scotland Deputy Chief Executive, John Watson, takes a look at the idea of people’s right to smoke.



2 pieces of good news on smoking and mental health Reply

Regular readers of this blog will know that mental health is now a huge part of the environment for smoking and health in Scotland.

At least one third of tobacco used in the UK is by people with mental health issues, and while they are as likely to want to quit, smoking rates remain high in this group and are not declining as fast as in the wider population. More…

Smoking, the lifestyle choice that isn’t Reply

The problem with talking about smoking as a lifestyle choice is that in most cases it’s not.

Certainly there are informed adults who make a proactive choice to smoke and, so long as they cause no harm to others, that is their business. Yet we have known for some time that most people who smoke started when they were children and that most people who smoke say that they want to stop. The simple fact is that these are more representative of the smoking population in 2016. More…