Protecting our children from harm while they play Reply

Tottering round in mum’s far too big heels, sneaking into the make-up drawer to paint your face, rummaging around in the tool box to play ‘fix it’, chattering into any inanimate object to take that important ‘call’,  pestering to ‘drive’ the car and wanting to ‘help’ with the dishes. Children copy the behaviour of those around to them, mostly harmless and part of their natural development, but there are some adult behaviours which we shouldn’t expose our children to and don’t want them mimicking. More…


Tobacco-free Generation. Online tobacco prevention information and resources for youth workers Reply

Tobacco-free Generation is a web resource page designed to provide youth groups and youth workers with the information, resources and support that they need to develop and deliver well-informed and effective tobacco prevention activities with the young people that they support. More…

Tackling smoking in hospital grounds and children’s outdoor areas Reply

We’ve just seen the start of an initiative that aims to put an end to smoking in all of Scotland’s hospital grounds.

The ban across NHS estates began on 1 April and is another step in the nation’s drive to achieve a tobacco-free generation in 20 years’ time.

Tobacco use is the enemy of good health and few people want to see smoking around a hospital building. Stubbing it out can help patients who are trying to quit, and help protect children and non-smokers from second-hand smoke exposure.

Problem of smoke drift between neighbouring homes Reply

Guest blog by Marilena Savva, MSc student at Aberdeen University

An increasing number of people are annoyed and upset by the smell of tobacco smoke entering their homes because their neighbours smoke.

There is no law to prevent this smoke drift as the ban on tobacco use in enclosed public places doesn’t extend to common stairwells and private residences.

For non-smokers, second-hand smoke (SHS) is more than just a nuisance. It has been shown to have acute and chronic effects on the health of those who breathe it in. More…