The tobacco world is coming to Scotland Reply

We know where we want to go.

Scotland’s ambition to be tobacco-free by 2034 is welcome, ambitious and achievable. Yet in reducing the smoking rate to the small number of adults who willingly choose to do so, it avoids any charge of prohibition and respects individual freedoms. More…

Problem of smoke drift between neighbouring homes 1

Guest blog by Marilena Savva, MSc student at Aberdeen University

An increasing number of people are annoyed and upset by the smell of tobacco smoke entering their homes because their neighbours smoke.

There is no law to prevent this smoke drift as the ban on tobacco use in enclosed public places doesn’t extend to common stairwells and private residences.

For non-smokers, second-hand smoke (SHS) is more than just a nuisance. It has been shown to have acute and chronic effects on the health of those who breathe it in. More…

Display ban in small shops – claims and counterclaims Reply

Starting on 6 April, the tobacco display ban that already applies in supermarkets will extend to corner shops and other smaller stores.

Cigarettes and other tobacco will be out of sight behind small grey doors. The aim is to also to put tobacco out of mind and out of fashion among young people – an important step as Scotland moves forward with its ambition to achieve a generation free from tobacco by 2034.

Here are some of the myths about the impact of the display ban commonly peddled by Big Tobacco and retailers – and the facts that counter them: