Smoking must be in the mix on poverty question Reply

In this blog, Policy & Research Officer Mike Andrews reflects on the media coverage of recent poverty reports, and conversations around the office about them.

2017 has kicked off with a couple of very high profile reports and academic pieces which have demonstrated, pretty bluntly, the awful effects that poverty is having at both the start and end of people’s lives. It has to be said, though, that sometimes you have to dig under the headlines to really see what writers are saying. More…

ASH Scotland’s winning plan for a win, win, win, win, win situation Reply

The Child Poverty Strategy sets out what the Scottish Government plans to do to reduce the levels of child poverty in Scotland, and so ensure that as few children as possible experience any type of socio-economic disadvantage. There are two very distinctive aims within the strategy:

  • to reduce the levels of child poverty by reducing income poverty and material deprivation
  • to improve children’s wellbeing and life chance – with the ultimate aim being to break inter-generational cycles of poverty, inequality and deprivation.