Brexit and the battle for public health Reply

The Health and Sport Committee of the Scottish Parliament has produced its report into “The Impact of Leaving the European Union on Health and Social Care in Scotland”.

ASH Scotland made a written submission to their consultation, and then presented to one of the oral evidence sessions, so we were interested to see what the report would say. More…


Buying tobacco for young people is not doing them a favour Reply

We are delighted that the Scottish Grocers’ Federation and the National Federation of Retail Newsagents are both supportive of our #notafavour campaign.

This campaign aims to reduce proxy purchase – where an adult buys tobacco and passes it on to someone too young to buy it themselves – by challenging the attitudes and assumptions that lead adults to do this. More…

Why do some adults buy tobacco for children? Reply

Kayla Wiles, Engagement Team Assistant and Furman University Intern placement at ASH Scotland, blogs for us about proxy purchasing.

Scotland’s health has come a long way since the UK Government banned tobacco advertising in 2002, the Scottish Government introduced the ban on smoking in indoor public places in 2006 and the Scottish Government raised the legal age for tobacco sales to 18 in 2007. Although proxy purchases, when an adult buys cigarettes on behalf of an under-18, have also been made illegal those who do smoke are still getting cigarettes from family members, friends, or strangers. More…