Advice for youth organisations on how to respond to electronic cigarettes 2

While media debates on vaping and electronic cigarettes continue to produce more heat than light, ASH Scotland is working with leading youth organisations (Youthlink, Youth Scotland, Young Scot and Fast Forward) and with WLDAS to circulate some simple, practical guidance More…

Electronic cigarettes consultation – our views 16

The Scottish Government is planning a new Public Health Bill that will include measures to reduce the attractiveness and availability of tobacco and electronic cigarettes.

The Bill will be informed by responses to the Consultation on Electronic Cigarettes and Strengthening Tobacco Control, which ended on 2 January.

Like many others in the health community, we’ve made our submission to the consultation, outlining our views on a list of potential measures to help Scotland’s goal of achieving a tobacco-free generation by 2034.

How we deal with the growing and changing landscape of electronic cigarette use is one of the key issues. More…

Looking at Voke novel nicotine delivery device 1

By now we are all aware of electronic cigarettes.

They have developed from an original design that looks like a traditional cigarette to a new generation of devices that resemble anything from a tin whistle to Doctor Who’s sonic screwdriver.

Now another new-look nicotine delivery device is heading our way – and this one is licensed as a medicine.

Electronic cigarette experimentation among teenagers Reply

There’s no doubt that the growth in popularity of electronic cigarettes is causing a stir.

ASH Scotland does not take a simplistic view either “for” or “against” electronic cigarettes. Instead our interest is in developing the conditions that will maximise the potential positive health impacts of e-cigarettes and other new nicotine delivery devices while minimising the risks they may pose.

image of the abstract of the randomised controlled trial comparing e-cigarettes to nicotine patch

E-cigarettes versus Nicotine patches 1

A study from New Zealand (full study text pdf, news report) was published earlier today in the high profile medical journal Lancet which compared the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes to nicotine patches for quitting smoking. It found e-cigarettes ‘…with or without nicotine, were modestly effective at helping smokers to quit, with similar achievement of abstinence as with nicotine patches.’ Let’s take a look at it and see if we can put the results in context… More…