ASH Scotland’s winning plan for a win, win, win, win, win situation Reply

The Child Poverty Strategy sets out what the Scottish Government plans to do to reduce the levels of child poverty in Scotland, and so ensure that as few children as possible experience any type of socio-economic disadvantage. There are two very distinctive aims within the strategy:

  • to reduce the levels of child poverty by reducing income poverty and material deprivation
  • to improve children’s wellbeing and life chance – with the ultimate aim being to break inter-generational cycles of poverty, inequality and deprivation.


Narrowing the gap in smoking-related health inequalities Reply

Guest post by Celia Gardiner, Tobacco Control Organisational Lead, NHS Health Scotland

This Saturday marks 10 years since Scotland went smoke-free and set off on a remarkable journey in public health improvement.

The culture change is profound. When I started working in my first ‘real’ job, I was shown to a desk with a big, white ashtray on it. Everybody had one. People regularly smoked on buses, in trains and even on planes. When you went for a night out, people smoked in pubs, clubs and restaurants. More…

ASH Scotland welcomes Scotland’s new Cancer Strategy Reply

ASH Scotland welcomes Scotland’s new cancer strategy, Beating Cancer: Ambition and Action.

From the start, this strategy puts people at its heart, and it is clear on the need to take action to reduce the risk of people getting cancer in the first place. Smoking tobacco is seen as both a preventable cause of cancer, and as being embedded within the fabric of health and social inequalities. After noting that lung cancer is predicted to continue to be the most common cancer in 2023-27, the strategy comments: More…

Big Tobacco’s plain packs predictions panned Reply

ASH Scotland Chief Executive Sheila Duffy warns that the move to change law in Scotland will face same well-funded opposition as in Australia.

In June, ASH Scotland ran an international conference and welcomed delegates from the United States, South-east Asia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and from across Europe.

They came to Scotland to hear about our work in tackling tobacco and to share their experiences with us. More…