Tobacco unpacked

Tobacco unpacked is the blog hosted by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Scotland for anyone wishing to comment on the health and societal impacts of tobacco in Scotland and across the globe.

ASH Scotland is the independent Scottish charity taking action to reduce the harm caused by tobacco.

We seek to improve health and quality of life by limiting the number of young people taking up smoking, reducing the number of adult smokers, protecting people from second hand smoke and tackling the inequality resulting from tobacco use. Our activities include an expert information service, parliamentary lobbying, campaigning, action-based projects, providing professional training and taking forward our partnerships and alliances.

Understanding that most smokers start when they are children, and that most smokers want to quit, we want the next generation in Scotland to be free from tobacco – by which we mean that ideally smoking would be limited to the small number of adults who actively choose to do so. We are pro-health and pro-people – and the evidence is clear that a society free from tobacco will not just be healthier, but wealthier and fairer too.