When is a smoking ban not a smoking ban? Reply

The introduction of smoke-free public places is often referred to as “the smoking ban”, a term which can play into the hands of those who like to insist this is part of an ongoing “attack on smokers”. 

To see whether this claim holds up, try it out on another activity which is not allowed in pubs or restaurants – golf.

Golf is a popular activity in Scotland (the self-styled home of the game). Yet anyone seeking to whack a golf ball around a crowded restaurant would be thrown out immediately. 

This is not an attack on golfers, who are as welcome as anyone in our cafes, restaurants and bars. Yet they do have to refrain from playing golf while there, on the basis that it would cause harm to others around them.

Similarly no venue in Scotland excludes smokers, and it is nonsense to claim that they do. Smoke-free public places exclude the act of smoking, nothing else.


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