New awards for young people tackling tobacco Reply

We understand the importance of supporting young people as Scotland moves towards its goal of a generation free from tobacco by 2034.

That’s why we’ve set up our Next Generation Fund to ensure donations to ASH Scotland go towards projects that will help young people avoid the harm and inequality caused by tobacco.

Now we’ve launched a new awards scheme for young people – the Youth Tobacco Action Awards.

We want to inspire our younger generation through the awards, which will offer prize money for new and existing work by young people to tackle tobacco issues.

We know youth groups across the country actively work to address a range of issues important to them. ASH Scotland is keen to recognise, reward and encourage young people and projects that focus on tobacco issues through our two awards, each offering £750 prize-money.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises existing work that young people are doing to tackle tobacco issues and support young people’s health and wellbeing in their communities.

It provides funds for youth groups to further develop their tobacco work. For this award we want to know what tobacco work young people have undertaken and the impact on their group and the community.

The Best Newcomer Award goes to the group submitting the best idea on how they would like to reduce the harm caused by tobacco in their area. ASH Scotland can support groups to develop their ideas, knowledge and awareness of tobacco-related issues.

This year, in partnership with Young Scot, we are offering 250 Young Scot Reward Points to each young person involved in projects that submit an application for the Youth Tobacco Action Awards.

Winners of the awards will have access to a comprehensive package of support provided by ASH Scotland’s Young People’s Team. The winners’ packages include:

• Prize money of £750.
• Invitation to our annual Awards Ceremony.
• Opportunity to attend a tobacco-themed Learning and Development Day at ASH Scotland.
• Access to formal accreditation via the Dynamic Youth Awards.
• Ongoing support to develop your project and promote your work to local press and other networks.
• Access to up-to-date, reliable, evidence-based tobacco information and resources.

For inspiration, have a look at the work done by winners of the Crofton Awards, our previous awards scheme.

Applications will be accepted from project staff, volunteers and young people themselves. Young people should ask a youth worker or teacher about their application before applying on behalf of their group.

The deadline for applications is 12th September 2014. You can apply through our website.


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